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About Us

Thought Partner Solutions, LLC specializes in providing relevant, impactful coaching and development services to both individuals and teams. We specialize in being relatable coaches that, despite having extensive expertise, approach the work as thought partners and walk alongside our clients to co-create a plan that is tailored to their specific needs. We work with clients on a variety of topics, including strategic planning, organizational development, program development, fundraising, board development, and leadership development. Whether you are looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to walk you step-by-step through the strategic planning or fundraising process, or someone to help you position yourself for your next big move - we have a solution for you!

Founded in 2020 by Jonathan Jackson, Thought Partner Solutions, LLC emerged out of the recognition that far too many professionals lack access to quality coaching and training. This is even more true in the non-profit sector or for entrepreneurs that are just around the corner from making it big. Thought Partner Solutions, LLC aims to provide relevant, timely, accessible, and impactful training for teams and individuals that are looking to sharpen in one or more areas in order to reach that next level. Let us help you bridge the gap!

Jonathan Jackson, MBA


Jonathan Jackson, founder of Thought Partner Solutions, LLC, brings over 15 years of leadership experience to his role as a professional coach and strategic advisor.  He possesses a deep understanding of the nuances of organizational governance from the perspective of both an executive and board officer. With a background rooted in empowering and removing barriers for young adults in pursuit of their academic and professional pursuits, Jonathan now focuses on providing relevant and effective coaching for individuals and teams, particularly senior leaders/executives. Jonathan's approach is deeply rooted in practical, empathetic strategies that are tailored to meet the unique challenges and goals of his clients. Jonathan holds a Master of Business Administration from Pacific Lutheran University, where he also earned his bachelor’s degree, and is currently working toward his M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy (also from PLU). 


What We Offer

Tiered Professional Coaching

Group Trainings

Fundraising Planning



Board and Leadership Development

Client Testimonials

"Working with Jonathan was a game-changer for my leadership journey. His ability to see the larger vision while focusing on actionable, manageable steps was exactly what I needed. He helped me formulate a strategic plan that truly felt like my own, guiding me through each stage with clarity and insight. His knack for breaking down complex ideas into understandable terms made the whole process less daunting and more achievable."

- John S.

"Jonathan's coaching was pivotal in turning my ideas into reality. His unique talent for understanding the big picture and then distilling it into smaller, practical tasks made the daunting task of starting my business feel manageable. His guidance is always clear, and his comparisons to other business scenarios helped me grasp concepts more easily. His leadership and strategic thinking are invaluable to me."

- Tiffany B.

"I've had the privilege of being coached by Jonathan, and his leadership abilities are outstanding. He possesses a rare skill of visualizing the broader scope of business challenges while attentively addressing the finer details. His approach made the overwhelming aspects of my projects feel approachable and achievable. The plan we developed together was truly reflective of my vision, thanks to his commitment to understanding and aligning with my goals."

- Carlos S.

"Jonathan's ability to envision the big picture while guiding me through the intricacies of my personal goals was truly inspiring. He has a gift for simplifying complex concepts, making them not just understandable but relatable. The strategy we developed felt genuinely tailored thanks to his approach. His guidance in breaking down large objectives into achievable steps made the journey feel empowering rather than overwhelming."

Kelly S

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